[audio blog] 3 Easy Pre-Show Marketing Tactics You Can Do Right Now

If you don’t send invitations to your wedding, you’re not going to have anyone show up. The same thought can be applied to a trade show or event; if you don’t announce your presence to attendees, you won’t have much traffic. However, trade show planning requires a lot of time & money invested, which unfortunately prevents many trade show exhibitors from effective pre-show marketing.

Here are 3 areas to focus your pre-show marketing on that don’t require a lot of time & monetary investment for announcing your exhibiting presence at a trade show.

  • Write & Distribute Press Releases to reach out to the media because they are a very influential audience. Write it yourself or find a freelancer. Ask the show organizer if they can help you distribute it to media members who are attending the show. Send it to all of your industry publications. Find online websites & forums to distribute your press release. Send it to the local press from the city in which you’re exhibiting.
  • Get Active On Social Media like Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn to start & join conversations about the show. Join groups on LinkedIn related to the show or industry. Message members of the same group, but don’t be too ‘spammy’. On Twitter, follow the trade show event hastag and ‘tweet’ at attendees. Share photos, videos, links to press releases, your website, etc. Facebook might be more B-to-C for your company. However, start a group or follow the show page. Consider paid ads on Facebook & LinkedIn or promoted tweets on Twitter.
  • Create An Email & Call Campaign to start announce your presence to current clients & prospects. Use your existing email list and supplement it with more contacts. Send surveys to qualify them and figure out if they’re attending the show. Create a call follow-up campaign to continue & personalize discussions.

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Michael Flavin sells St. Louis Trade Show Displays, St. Louis Trade Show Booths and Trade Show Displays in St. Louis MO. He has 9 years of trade show industry expertise and 14 years overall in design, sales & marketing.

9 thoughts on “[audio blog] 3 Easy Pre-Show Marketing Tactics You Can Do Right Now

  1. I never would have thought of doing a press release, but what a great idea! I also wouldn’t have thought to call people about it, but that’s also a great idea. You’ve gotten my creative juices flowing. Thank you.

  2. I was never fond of calling people, but I’m totally on board with the press releases and social media. social media is big and experts out there know how to pin point specific locations to get the word out.

  3. Yeah, you don’t get much traffic if you don’t have properly invite others. I think social media is the great option to invite people to trade show. Email campaign is also a good idea.

  4. I have been doing my best to stay ahead of the game and really focus on moving my ideas forward. I never though of doing any of this! I am not really into Social Media but I think it is about time I got into it. I feel like it will not only benefit me in the long run, but I will make connections with valuable people.

  5. Since we’ve worked with you guys before and got good results, we have since recommended your company to others, and this is a good video for them to watch. And I know a couple that will be venturing out for the 1st time at the upcoming St. Louis Trade Show and they are happy with the work you’ve given them.

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