Don’t Make These Vegas Trade Show Mistakes!

The city of Las Vegas, aka “Sin City” is unofficially the U.S capital for fun and entertainment. A renowned center for shopping, luxurious hotels and gambling, it was built to entice visitors to spend more money which often leads to overindulgence and regrets.

Las Vegas is also the largest exhibiting city in the United States. From the day you set foot in Las Vegas, moderation is of the essence. Let’s take a look at Common Trade Show Mistakes in Las Vegas to make sure you aren’t one of these trade show sinners!

1.) Gambling too much

Las Vegas is seen by many as the world’s number one gambling city with casinos that run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. While it can be tempting to indulge and splurge, you don’t want to be the one walking out of the casino with an empty wallet. So you don’t overdo it… because you probably have to staff the trade show booth early tomorrow morning….

– Set a time limit and stick with it: What if you are so close to making a big hit? What if you have lost all including your cab fare? Quit!

– Set a budget: Break your gambling budget into days and never exceed this budget. Yes there would be the temptation to dash to the ATM to take out more money, just don’t do it! 

2.) Drinking too much

With all the free alcohol in casinos and parties, it is really easy to get carried away. But no one wants to meet a drunk, red-eyed, distillery smelling and tired booth staff. One other thing that might happen is that you don’t show up at all because you are so hangover you can’t get up.

Be moderate in your drinking so you can appear physically and mentally fit the next day.

Don't Make Vegas Trade Show Mistakes

3.) Using halogen lights (they’re banned at some locations)

If you plan on exhibiting at a show, it is important for you to know the rules beforehand. This includes the type of display lighting for your booth. You don’t want to have to scramble around in search of new lights that match the rules at the last minute. Linear halogen bulbs, non-shielded halogen bulbs and light bulbs exceeding 75 watts are restricted. Each venue has its own guidelines so do your own research.

4.) Showing too much

When it comes to how much to show, two rules apply- less is more and show your best. Put your best items at eye level and make sure they are the first thing people see when they walk past your booth. It should also be easy to reach out and pick your products,

Hence, stacking up loads and loads of them can lead to an unwanted disaster.

5.) Participating in illegal activities

While getting crazy or suddenly going wild in Las Vegas isn’t a new thing, you will have to deal with the consequences of your actions. Don’t jaywalk, card count (and get caught) or participate in other types of illegal activities. It’s not worth the risk because the result not only affects your company, but also probably ends your employment.

6.) Dressing inappropriately

Comfortable clothes are the best choice, make sure you dress in layers especially if it’s that time of the year when the weather is unpredictable. Many companies use booth uniforms if you, not a business attire (not the newest thing in your wardrobe) is a good choice. Get a haircut and a fresh shave, do not customize your uniform making it reveal too much flesh or appear raggedy. And of course smell good.

7.) Not preparing for the desert

Located in the Mojave Desert, the city has hot and dry summers… Be prepared! Stay as hydrated as you can- drink water; stay off too much alcohol as it can contribute to dehydration; ALWAYS wear some sunscreen (no matter what time of the year it is) and have a hat and sunglasses standby. Chapstick or a lip balm would be good too.

8.) Wearing the wrong shoes

Yes, they might look really good on your feet but if they aren’t comfortable, don’t wear them. The stress of standing for hours compounded with the booth floors that never smile back at you can make your feet very unhappy. And an unhappy feet equals an irritable, tired and unfriendly staff. Wearing new shoes is also a No-No so if you need to get them, purchase a comfortable pair weeks before the show.

9.) Losing track of time

Get there early enough so you can set up without having to rush, organize your stuff and of course find a good parking space. Keep track of time while socializing with the neighbors (not too much of this is advised… Especially if your booth is short staffed). On each show day, pay attention to time, losing track of time might mean some of your stuff get broken as tired, hungry, sleepy, booth staffers shove stuff into their packs.


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