How Much Does a Banner Stand Cost?

Catching the attention of attendees at a trade show is key for any trade show exhibitor. However, it’s not always possible to bring a large display to all of an exhibitor’s trade shows due to budgets, the size of the event, the show’s location, the length of the trade show, etc. One of the quickest & easiest ways to make sure attendees at a trade show take notice of your exhibit is by displaying a set of retractable banner stands. This is a portable display that you erect in the back of your booth space. Connect multiple banner stands together to form a back wall display and create graphics with eye-catching branding & any top-level information that you want passersby to see.
But, “caveat emptor” (buyer beware), not all banner stands are created equal, and neither are their prices. Some banner stands require higher upfront prices, for good reasons. Here’s list of factors that affect the price of banner stands so you can decide what kind of banner stand is right for your trade show exhibit.

How Much Does A Banner Stand CostQuality of Hardware

A banner stand is designed to be transported, set up and broken down multiple times. However, the quality of hardware on the banner stand you choose will affect how easy it is to set up and break down, and how many times you can use it before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. A banner stand made of inexpensive aluminum will cost less, but it will not necessarily be as sturdy when assembled. The joints and bolts may loosen more quickly. I’ve even had some clients who ordered a cheap banner stand online and it arrived broken. A banner stand made of higher quality aluminum or other metal will cost more but will tend to hold up better and be more sturdy, thus provide you with a much lower cost of ownership over time.

Country of Origin

It’s possible to buy banner stands made in China that are inexpensive due to the low cost of labor and materials. Banner stands made in the United States tend to be more expensive, due to higher cost of construction. American-made banner stands, however, may be of higher quality and may come with more features and capabilities.

Changeable Graphics

Another factor that affects the price of your banner stand is how many options it has for graphic design updates. Some banner stands come with permanently installed graphics, but others can be modified and updated. Some banner stand companies will even create the graphic design of your banner stand for you, and others will check the graphic design before they print them and send you the banner stand.

Graphic Style & Printing Quality

The biggest portion of any retractable banner stand, that trade show attendees see, is the graphic. There are many different graphic substrates which are often used for trade show banner stands, from vinyls to fabrics and even sometimes paper stock. Vinyl prints are cheaper upfront, but are often produced with lower quality printing standards and won’t last for a long time. The sides will also curl, so it’s difficult to setup a vinyl banner stand and keep it flat. Better looking banner stands will be produced with fabric graphics that stay flat and are wrinkle resistant. Additionally, fabrics are usually printed with high-def and high-output dye sublimation processes that provide the best DPI (dots per inch) for your graphics, meaning there will be no pixelation in your images. Many graphics producers use the best printing technology for their graphics, such as Reggiani printing machines.

Additional Features

More expensive banner stands may come with the ability to link banner stands together to create a back wall display for your exhibit. They may also have the ability to add racks and shelves for promotional literature.


In the end, focus on what’s right for you. Do you need a cheap, throw-away banner stand with a one-time or limited use lifespan? Or, are you looking for a very durable and reliable option that has a longer lifespan with more flexibility and uses? In my experience, trade show exhibitors prefer a better looking retractable banner stand with a larger upfront cost and better long term investment.

Based on all of these factors, the banner stand you want may be purchased for as little as $99 or $199 from an inexpensive producer. Or you may spend much as $595 to buy a banner stand from a reputable company known for its quality product.

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