Simple Steps For Designing A Modern Trade Show Exhibit

A successful, modern trade show exhibit can take your business and service’s success to a new height. Your trade show exhibit should be a complete representation of your company & your business. The target audience should be able to quickly gather thorough information about what you offer and how you differ from the rest of the competitors.

Each year, I’m often asked, “What are the latest trade show exhibit design trends?”

Any successful, creative and engaging trade show design starts with the trade show design creative team. To get your team started in the right direction, provide a creative brief about who you are, who your target audience is and what message you want to convey and how you want to stand out.

Securing a booth at a trade exhibition is a large investment. Designing the booth requires input from the creative design team who sets a vision for your brand and helps you get your message across to the target audience within available finances.

A trade show booth should not be all about flashing lights, loud music and pushy booth staffers. If you want to attract potential customers go basic; exhibitors are now moving to more relaxed and peaceful settings where the customers can easily interact with the sales team and get questions to their answers.

Recently, I’ve seen soft exhibit designs, with basic colors and smooth lines that only highlight the product or service in focus. When thinking about the exhibit structure and your graphics, look at what other exhibitors do at your trade shows. Consider the layouts at retail environments and office spaces. By looking at multiple resources, you’ll help your creative team by supplying a list of “like and dislikes” in these environments that relate to your brand & objectives.

In today’s digital age, the more interactive you are with your target audience, the better you can send your message across, design your trade booth with a display of touch screen monitors, tablets, that are loaded with videos and animations describing your product or services.

Finally, remember that a successful and modern trade show exhibit is not solely focused on the booth. If you’re not training booth staffers well and implementing creative marketing objectives, you’ll end up with a beautiful, but empty booth space.

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Michael Flavin sells St. Louis Trade Show Displays, St. Louis Trade Show Booths and Trade Show Displays in St. Louis MO. He has 9 years of trade show industry expertise and 14 years overall in design, sales & marketing.