What is your Trade Show “gold standard”?

In the video clip below, Beth Comstock, CMO at GE, talks about their marketing “gold standard”.

So at your company, ask yourself not only about your marketing program, but more specifically about your trade show marketing program.

    • What is your Trade Show “gold standard”?
    • Can you define your gold standard?
    • What does it look like and how will you raise that standard, year after year?
    • Does that apply to your trade show display graphics & trade show booth staffers?
    • Can you find those pockets of excellence & measure your trade show results and trade show ROI?
    • Have you shown your executive leaders what your trade show marketing team does and how it affects the company’s bottom line?


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Michael Flavin sells St. Louis Trade Show Displays, St. Louis Trade Show Booths and Trade Show Displays in St. Louis MO. He has 9 years of trade show industry expertise and 14 years overall in design, sales & marketing.

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